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SWP wants to realize its objective in the form of projects; own projects and participation in projects of others. Please click below for the descriptions of the projects.

Project descriptions


GoalPreventing airway problems
DescriptionWith this stove people don't have to cook on open fire. No longer will there be smoke from charcoal fires in the huts of papuans. This significantly reduces the chance of respiratory diseases. Health will no longer be affected by smoke gases.
With the supplied solar panel, there is even light at night.
The West Papua Foundation (SWP) wants to make the cooker available to the local population of West Papua for $ 50, -. The purchase price is around $ 100,-.
SWP aims to finance the difference in price.
PartnerYLSM/PTPB - Local Foundation Inland Mountains (Wisselmeren)
BudgetAs soon as there is money for 50 devices ($ 5,000), we will start to offer the cookers-without-smoke to the papua population of West Papua
PlanningStarted mid 2017. The first donations have arrived.


ProjectTour and Travel Fakfak
GoalTo develop and improve tourism in Fakfak
DescriptionThe development of tourism will give the local population an extra means of existence. The local population will also realize that it must counter the overuse of the natural diversity of the area. Cruise ships can anchor in the area, after which the tourists can visit the exceptional nature using small boats. By building small holiday houses, tourists can also stay in the beautiful nature for a short or longer period.
To support the project, SWP has built the Emmerpan-website: www.fakfaktravel.com
PartnerJoko M. Ahek - Emmerpan Tour and Travel - Jalan Fakfak Kokas
BudgetA startbugdet of € 65,000.- is estimated by Emmerpan
PlanningStart at the end of 2018


ProjectWebshop with articles from the Tropics
GoalOnline sales of products from West Papua
DescriptionBy selling products from the tropics we stimulate the (small) local economy. We want to include coffee from coffee farmers from the Baliem valley in the assortment. In addition to stimulating the local economy, we also offer more financial opportunities with the web store for the projects with which we want to further improve the prosperity and future of the papuans in West Papua.
At start-up it will not be easy to match the purchase of our web articles with the expected turnover. In addition, we will have to look carefully at how we set up the return process.
BudgetRequired start budget is estimated at 10,000 euros
PlanningDepending on the choice and delivery of products


ProjectLawsuit against the Dutch State
GoalAddressing the Netherlands on maladministration by the forced transfer of West Papua (the former Dutch New Guinea) to Indonesia
DescriptionThe West Papua Foundation (SWP) wants to realize its objective in the form of projects; own projects and participation in projects of others. In addition, SWP has raised the issue of the unlawful transfer of West Papua to Indonesia in a lawsuit against the State of the Netherlands
PartnerYLSM/PTPB - Local Foundation Inland Mountains (Wisselmeren)
BudgetLegal support requires a lot of money. The raising of funds is an extremely important matter
PlanningThe Indictment has been running since the end of 2016