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The West Papua Foundation was established in Amersfoort on April 24, 2014.
It is complementary to the existing foundations and has as its mission:

Promoting the wellbeing of West Papua and its population.

Melanesia In West Papua (the western part of the Melanesian island of New Guinea), the situation for the original Papua population is extremely harsh. Ever since its annexation by Indonesia in 1962, a state of emergency has unofficially been declared which allows the army and police to do as they please, without ever being held responsible. In effect, the area is not governed by the Sultan, but is controlled by the Chief of Police or Army General. Furthermore, foreign journalists and international aid organisations are not allowed to enter the area.
The foundation aims to achieve its objective by making efforts to improve the living conditions of the population in West Papua. In addition, it will focus on respect for universally recognized human rights, including freedom of religion, association and assembly. Also, the foundation wants to draw attention to historically acquired rights of the indigenous population, the Papuans. Protection of ecology in exploiting natural resources and sustainability in general are other priorities.

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